I’m not an early adopter. Despite having been involved (seriously involved!) in computers and computer technology since 1982, I seem to like what I’m used to. One might say that it’s because I’m going gray, but that’s been happening since I was 20. No, the truth is that I like doing new things but I like doing them with tools with which I’m already familiar.

But the time has come to at least start using tools that have been around for a few years now and that is why I’ve started this web-log. I’ve also started a Wiki which you can check out at http://linuxwiki.riverworth.com/. These two items mark the first non-hand-coded HTML pages I’ve ever done. That’s right! Every one of the hundreds of web pages I’ve done in the past were either hand-coded HTML or generated by software (perl, php, c, etc). Like I said… Not an early adopter.

So why am I doing this now? Well… I’ve got some things to say and this seemed the easiest way to say it. Who knows, perhaps somebody will even read it!

Never Overestimate the Impossible